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2 cups whipping cream
1 cup dark chocolate or milk chocolate (I used Morde dark chocolate)
1/2 cup chocolate chips for garnishing

Melt chocolate on double boiler or microwave till completely melted. Keep aside.

Take whipping cream and whip till soft peaks are formed. If you are using un-sweetend whipping cream add icing or powdered sugar while whipping.

Let whipping cream come down to room temperature. Add melted chocolate in batches and keep whipping. Whip till chocolate is well incorporated. Transfer it in serving bowl, you can use disposable or glass pudding bowls and set in fridge for 3-4 hours.

Garnish with chocolate chips and serve chilled.

1. Take chilled whip cream for best results. If cream will not be chilled it might take long to whip and won’t form good peaks.

2. If possible chill the jar or bowl in which cream will be whipped.

3. To know if cream is nicely whipped, turn the jar or bowl in which you have whipped the cream upside down, hold for 10 seconds, if cream is stiff and not falling it’s done.

3. Don’t add hot melted chocolate in chilled whipping cream. Let whipped cream come down to room temperature. Add room temperature chocolate to room temperature cream.


1. Melt dark chocolate.

2. Take 2 cups of chilled whipping cream.

3. Whip cream till soft peaks are formed.

4. Mix little cream in the melted chocolate and mix.


5. Add it in whipped cream.

6. Whip again.

7. Set in serving bowls with the help of spoon or piping bag.

8. Garnish with chocolate chips and sprinklers.

9. After 3 hours.


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